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آغا خان فاؤنڈیشن کے نام تحریک طالبان کا خط

آغا خان فاؤنڈیشن کے نام تحریک طالبان کا خط

کراچی سنٹرل جیل میں قید دو مجاہد ساتھیوں کو پھانسی دیے جانے کے لیے بلیک وارنٹ جاری کرنے پر تحریک طالبان کی دھمکی ۔

آغا خان فاؤنڈیشن کے چئرمین کے نام بھیجے گئے اس پیغام میں تحریک طالبان نے دھمکی دی ہے کہ اگر اعظم اور عطاء اللہ کو پھانسی دی گئی تو وہ آغا خانی کمیونٹی کے خلاف کارروائی پر مجبور ہوں گے ۔ کیوں کہ ان مجاہد ساتھیوں کو جس مقدمہ پر سزا دی جارہی ہے اس کی فائل کمیونٹی ممبر کی حیثیت سے جمع کروائی گئی تھی لہٰذا  یہ معاملہ ایک فرد کا نہیں بلکہ درحقیقت پوری آغا خانی کمیونٹی کا ہے ۔

طالبان نے مطالبات تسلیم نہ کیے جانے پر جن مقامات پر حملہ کرنے کی دھمکی دی ہے ان میں

 آغا خانی عبادت گاہیں
آغا خان ہسپتال انتظامیہ اور آغا خان لیبارٹری اور کلیکشن سینٹرز
آغا خانی رہائش گاہیں
جماعت خانے
اور آغا خانی کمیونٹی سینٹرز شامل ہیں ۔

واللہ غالب علیٰ امرہ ولکن اکثر الناس لا یعلمون

خط کا اصل متن درج ذیل ہے

·       Chairman / President of Agha Khan Foundation
·       Any concerned / relevant authority.

Subject:  Death /Black Warrant of Azam and Atta ullah (Karachi Central Jail)

This letter has been written by Tehreek-e- Taliban Pakistan to Chairman / President of Agha Khan Foundation / Community.

Reference to the subject, a week ago death warrant of two of our companions has been issued by Government of Pakistan. There names are Azam and Atta ullah and the date of death warrant is 26-06-2012.

The reference of murder in area of soldier Bazar against the above two persons was filed by one of your community member. So now this is not a matter of just one person, in reality it’s a matter of whole community.

We demand that Agha khan foundation / community should immediately force the applicant / applicant family to do the following

·       Withdraw this case.
·       Forgive the two persons as the above two persons are innocent and they had not   committed any murder.
·       Contact to the lawyer, and meet with Jail SP to resolve the matter by involving the two prisoners.
·       Write in words to High Court and Supreme Court that the applicant / applicant family has forgiven the two prisoners.

We hope that you will resolve this matter on emergency basis and the last date for fulfill our demands is 23-06-2012.In case you fail to fulfill the above four demands before 23-06-2012 then prepare yourselves for the consequences.

We have gathered all the necessary information about the following centers of Agha Khan Foundation all around the country.

·       Business centers
·       Agha Khan Hospital and its collection centers
·       Residential Areas including homes and flats.
·       Prayer Halls ( Jamat Khana)
·       Community centers.

In case our two companions are not freed from Karachi central jail then we will start killing persons of your community especially businessmen, doctors and other professionals. Moreover we will start exploding your Prayer Halls (Jamat Khana) and business / residential centers.
The decision is up to you now and do not consider this a fake threat. There is no need to tell you that we are capable of exploding any of your above centers as we have all the resources and infrastructure.

It’s in your best interests that do not contact Police, any government department or any intelligence agency. It’s only a waste of time. The government or relevant departments cannot prevent you from the damage by the will of Allah Almighty. The intelligence agencies and the relevant government departments will try to deceive you and will offer you security for not compromising with us but keep this thing in mind that these government departments cannot protect themselves from our attacks then how can they protect you.

Note: You can get the complete file of this case from Jail SP of Karachi Central Jail.

                                                                                                 Threek-e- Taliban Pakistan

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